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Dave used to focus on the stage. He 

wrote/hosted/produced live radio shows, cabarets, and storytelling showcases in Minnesota - and also wrote, performed, & toured solo shows, comedic and autobiographical.

The shows received many awards extremely important to you, including: Audience Encore Award, MN Fringe Fest; City Pages A-List; Best Solo Comedy, SF Fringe Festival, and...

Press plaudits included: "Must See!" -Pioneer Press "A big show... the chemistry is something everyone should have a chance to see." --l'etoile magazine. "Great actors and a host you can help but love... It's a great show. I can't think of a better thing for you to do." --Metro Magazine "Hot Ticket..." --The Pulse "The specificity with which he has crafted the show makes the experience all the more universal. An excellent writer, Mondy has good comedic timing and a clear sense of character."-MN Artists "Mondy's charisma and intelligence make the cabaret a delicious indulgence." -Pioneer Press "Dave keeps audience members twice his age laughing at his growing pains... keeps the story flowing like a book you can't put down." -Lumino Magazine  

One early review, now lost to history, used the phrase "his slacker twisty limbs" to describe certain gestures endemic to Dave's comedic over-acting. Certain friends still occasionally ridicule Dave with this phrase. They're not wrong to do so. Here's a fun, embarrassing example from his early, commercial acting.

Muse for Music

Co-Creator, Co-Host, Writer

An inter-disciplinary show at The Fitzgerald Theater (home of Prairie Home Companion), produced by APM and centering around the intersection of music, writing and artistic inspiration. Featured work from nationally recognized musicians like singer/songwriter Jeremy Messersmith & hip-hop artist P.O.S. “A big show… the chemistry is something everyone should have a chance to see.”–l’étoile magazine

The Entertainment Machine

A full season of a much-lauded radio variety show produced in the heart of Minneapolis, featuring many prominent local acts, local public radio producers... and other prominent local folks (email Dave directly for episodes, reproduction rights, etc.)


Co-writer, Director, Performer

Winner of MN Fringe's Audience Encore Award

Directed by Dave Mondy; Starring Rik Reppe, Courtney McLean, Dave Mondy, and DJ King Otto

Rockstar Storytellers Rik Reppe, Courtney McLean and Dave Mondy interlace three tales of "getting the axe" -- from the bedroom to the boardroom -- mixed live onstage with soul, funk, and hip-hop from DJ King Otto.

"You couldn't ask for a better storytelling sampler than this... a great set of stories in a laid back atmosphere you can't help settling into and letting wash over you." 
-- SWFG, MN Fringe Blog (full review)

"A rapid-fire format of moving from speaker to speaker, segment to segment, adds to the enjoyment through the differences in each speaker's style."
--City Pages (full review)

Click here for full audience reviews, cast bios, and more...

The Radio All Stars

Host, Co-Creator, Co-Producer, Co-Writer

A-Listed by City Pages and strongly recommended by Metro Magazine.

Created by Dave Mondy, Melissa LaCasse, and Allan Staples; hosted by Dave Mondy; starring Dawn Brodey, Shannon O'Keefe, Bobbi Miller; and DJ King Otto; sound effects/design by Elliot Durko Lynch; live direction by Alan Frechtman.

A classic radio variety show, served with a modern twist.  Think a DJ instead of a house band, hip-hop and rock instead of folk, and a laptop artist instead of sound effects man.  But it still contains all the classic ingredients of classic radio -- comedy, drama, musical guests, writers, news, and quizzes.  The Radio All Stars sold out the BLB Theater, and 6 full-length podcasts are available.

"The Radio All Stars take the concept of the radio variety show and make it cool... Great actors and a host you can't help but laugh at (and sometimes with)... Kick-ass musical performances... It's a great show.  In fact, I can't think of many better things for you to do.  Get yourself down to The Bryant Lake Bowl." --Metro Magazine

"Deep in the heart of Uptown, the Radio All Stars have retooled the format for a younger, hipper audience... They bring musical, acting, and production talent... A strong core show... The guest line-up has been powerfully entertaining... There's no reason to spend a Sunday night at home."
--City Pages (full review)

Click here for a photo collage and press quotes    

Sin Cities 7

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"Must See..." --Pioneer Press  "Hot Ticket..." The Pulse

Created and hosted by Dave Mondy and Bobbi Miller; 

A monthly cabaret devoted The Seven Deadly Sins, one month for each Sin.  Part music, party storytelling... 100% debauchery.  Debuting to rave reviews at the MN Fringe, Sin Cities 7 went on the a seven month run at the BLB Theater, highlighted by chanteuse Bobbi Miller's sultry vocals and Mondy's turns at the mic.

Guests included writer/storytellers Colleen Kruse, Charlie Bethel, Rik Reppe, Amy Salloway, Alan Berks, Allan Staples, Russell Rathbun, and Allegra Lingo; and musicians Venus DeMars, Omaur Bliss, Ben Connelly, Dameun Strange, J. Tyler O'Niell, Kevin Steinman, Daniel Kukielka, and Leslie Ball

"Dave Mondy has been a bad boy, and he wants to tell you all about it.  Fringe royalty take turns confessing their wicked indiscretions in this late-night cabaret.  Each night is devoted to one of the seven deadly sins, fleshed out with personal stories, fork-tongued satire and sultry vocals by Bobbi Miller. ... Mondy's charisma and natural storytelling make the cabaret a delicious indulgence." --St. Paul Pioneer Press

Click here for the press releasepress photoor original logo 

This Love Train Is Unstoppable and I am the Conductor

Add some more info about this item...

Winner of the Best Solo Comedy Award at the San Francisco Fringe Festival

Written/Performed/Produced by Dave Mondy; directed by Allan Staples

This Love Train... was Dave Mondy's last one-person show.  It tells the humorous tale of Dave's own sexual (d)evolution:  From leading prayers around the high school flagpole to, just five years later, backroom negotiations at a Bourbon Street brothel.

The show toured throughout the U.S., including stops at the Cincinnati, Minneapolis, and San Francisco Fringe Festival, where it was voted Best Solo Comedy.

"The specificity with which he has crafted the show makes his experiences all the more universal.  An excellent writer, Mondy has good comic timing and a clear sense of character." 
-- MN Artists

"Dave keeps audience members twice his age laughing at his growing pains... Believable impersonations of his parents, pastor and pothead buddies keeps the story flowing like a book you can't put down." -- Lumino Magazine

"Love Train looks like the start of a successful career... If Mondy keeps honing his talent, we'll be able to say we knew him when." -- Cincinnati Enquirer

"Tremendously entertaining.  Dave has a great way with a turn of phrase... Spending an hour in Dave's company is time well spent.  I wish I could have had more.  Frankly, I was sorry to see it end." -- Matthew Everett, MN Fringe official Blog

"This one is worth seeing.  Grade: A." -- CityBeat

Click here for audience reviews, Cincinnati Enquirer article, CityBeat review, Matthew Everett's Review, other blogger's reviewsor the press photo 1 and 2.

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